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Sustainability charter

The MPA Precast and MPA Masonry Sustainability Charter is part of the Mineral Products Association (MPA) Charter. It aims to encourage member companies to go beyond legislation and take voluntary actions to make their products and operations more sustainable. The MPA Charter addresses 7 Strategic Priorities (see diagram below). 

The MPA Precast & MPA Masonry Charter Scheme currently requires all producer members to sign a Charter committing them to the 17 principles and objectives identified in the MPA Charter, allowing MPA to audit member companies’ sites annually to ensure that all the 17 principles are being adhered to by member companies. 

The scheme was originally launched in 2007 with only 17 companies taking part. The number of companies participating continued to grow until 2014 when the Charter and Auditing programme became a mandatory requirement of MPA Precast and MPA Masonry membership as part of the “Raising the Bar” initiative. The Precast sector Sustainability Charter was integrated with the MPA Charter in 2022. Today, it is a mandatory MPA Masonry membership requirement to report on the company’s Sustainability Charter performance and be audited annually under the scheme.